Scott at leadership training in kigali

Scott Baker


Scott Baker began his career as a military officer in the U.S. Army Engineers, earning a Bronze Star for his deployment to Iraq in 2011. As a Veteran, he held various positions at Apple while studying for his MBA full-time. Graduating in 2018, he left Apple to open Mister Mac, an Apple computer service and education company located in Wimberley, TX, and enjoys helping Apple users of all ages get the most out of their iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Scott and Dogon met in 2017, in a 40’ storage container (called a “Portal”), on opposite sides of the world. Portals connect people across the globe, providing a life-size FaceTime call between remote locations. Dogon and Scott had a chance meeting in one of these locations between Austin, Texas, and Kigali, Rwanda and have been good friends ever since. Scott is excited to see Dogon’s vision for refugee transformation come to life. He is thrilled with the overwhelming support the Mondiant Initiative has received and looks forward to important changes for legislation, education, and the community.

Scott is a big fan of motorsports, both water and wheeled. He is passionate about developing youth to interact and communicate effectively with the leadership around them.