Mondiant at leadership training in kigali rw

Mondiant Dogon

Founder & Executive Director

Mondiant Dogon is an author, human rights activist, and refugee ambassador. He is the founder and Executive Director of Mondiant Initiative, a refugee organization that invests in providing services that empower, educate, and engage refugees. Mondiant Initiative helps refugees envision a world where they can find and fulfill their potential, achieve self-sufficiency, and contribute to the world around them.

Prior to starting Mondiant Initiative, Mondiant worked in CSR and partnerships at Flowcode, a tech startup based in New York City. He also founded SEED OF HOPE, an organization helping refugees share their stories. To collect stories for SEED OF HOPE, Mondiant moved between Rwandan refugee camps, speaking to displaced people who had endured war and sexual violence, but still maintained their hope and resilience.

During Mondiant’s graduate research at New York University, he provided research for grants and literature reviews relevant to a new study with war children in Niger and Sierra Leone. His book, “THOSE WE THROW AWAY ARE DIAMONDS: A Refugee’s Search for Home,” received national and international recognition from major publications like the BBC, New York, Times, Time Magazine, and more.

Mondiant enjoys swimming and hiking. He is a huge soccer fan and supports Liverpool. He plays soccer every weekend in New York City.