Mondiant Initiative refugee student - Uwase Nadine
Mondiant Initiative students and staff
Mondiant Initiative students during leadership training
Students and staff holding world refugee day banner
Mondiant Initiative student with scholarship

How Will My Donation Support the Students?

It costs $6,000 per year to support each of our students through our Refugee Student Scholarship Program. This covers their annual scholarship, room and board, personal care products, individualized leadership training, and other support services that are vital to their academic success. 

Most of these students have had experiences far-and-beyond what a Western society would consider “traumatic.” Mondiant Initiative provides “wrap-around” services, giving students social support in addition to their educational training. Our founder knows these trials first hand and personally directs the social services needed to empower these students to achieve their potential.

Offering education and scholarships to refugees can provide them with priceless opportunities – the ability to pursue their passions, begin a career they may have never imagined possible, and take part in lives where dignity and hope are embraced. This education helps to create informed students who are better equipped to bring peace and progress to their communities. Through education, refugees learn the foundations of civil society, democracy, and good citizenship which are integral to any global advancement. With education and opportunity on their side, refugees will empower themselves to use innovative thinking and creativity to help bring change for a better tomorrow.

How to Contribute to Our Refugee Scholarship Program

Fund a Component of the Program


Sponsor a Mondiant Initiative Student

Sponsor one student for the entire year by giving $6,000. Your contribution includes all of the above, plus TOFL English Language Certification, healthcare services, leadership training, and a clothing allowance.

Change a Student's Life by Becoming a Sponsor Today

What Does the Future Hold?

Our non-profit is motivated by the desire to ensure education is accessible to all. We are dedicated to providing tangible hope and opportunity for refugee students globally, starting with Rwanda. By investing in education through our scholarship program, these refugee students will gain access to education and be empowered to live out their dreams. We believe that education isn’t merely a right but also a crucial key to upholding opportunity, justice, and hope. Education is how we equip future generations with the tools they need to actively create positive change in communities around the world.

This is the first of many initiatives in our journey toward bringing opportunity and hope to thousands of refugee students across the globe. Keep checking in to see the progress of our students, as well as new initiatives soon to arrive.