The Importance of Leadership Development Programming

One of the key pillars of Mondiant Initiative is to give our students the tools to contribute to the world around them. We want our students to do more than just excel at school – we also want them to be better leaders for their peers and Africa as a whole. Mondiant Initiative encourages our students to be lifelong leaders, and the best way to promote this is by starting at community level.

To encourage leadership at all levels, we partner with mentors and coaches that teach our students how to recognize and develop leadership qualities and traits within themselves. By teaching skills such as commitment, work ethic, and peer-to-peer relationship building, Mondiant Initiative places emphasis on accountability and purpose so our students can better contribute to the communities around them.

Mondiant with children

Community Day: umunsi w’umuganda

Umuganda is roughly translated as “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome” and is an important aspect of Rwandan culture. On the last Saturday of each month, communities work together on building schools, repairing roads, reclaiming wetlands, and many other public works projects that improve the area around them. It’s estimated that Umuganda develops the economy of Rwanda by about $21 million USD every year.

This day gives Mondiant Initiative students the opportunity to be leaders in their community – working together with friends, family, and neighbors while developing their relationships and providing a forum for community discussion.

Giving Back to the Community

Every year during the summer holidays, each Mondiant Initiative student is required to give 100 hours back to their community through public service projects. We work with private organizations, NGOs, and local governments to match students with mentors that will guide them through this process. Examples include building schools and repairing the damaged homes of those affected by war and other tragedies. Umuganda not only develops the skills of our students but also makes their community a better place.

Leadership Workshops & English Courses

In addition to community service, Mondiant Initiative students are enrolled in English language courses and dedicated leadership training so they’re ready to make an impact outside of the classroom after graduation. Everything from the books and tutors is paid for by Mondiant Initiative. 

Once a year, every Mondiant Initiative student comes together for a leadership workshop that gives them the opportunity to collaborate and learn together. This annual event is a great way for our students to connect, make new friends, and learn new perspectives from their peers.