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World Refugee Day 2023: Hope Away From Home

On June 20th each year, World Refugee Day celebrates the resilience and strength of millions of refugees worldwide. It’s a globally recognized event managed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This year, under the theme Hope Away From Home: A World Where Refugees Are Always Included, events and programming were organized at refugee camps across the globe. Amidst this powerful and important day, the Mondiant Initiative team embarked on a special mission in Rwanda, engaging with our students and their families, capturing their inspiring stories, and extending support. We used this opportunity to announce and deliver by hand 15 new scholarships to bright refugee students living in camps across the country. Our experiences in Rwanda and the stories our students shared touched our hearts and further fueled our mission to empower, educate, and engage refugees. We are incredibly excited to share our journey and these stories with you.

Scott Baker, a mondiant initiative team member, with new refugee students
Students and staff holding world refugee day banner

Mondiant Initiative personally delivered 15 new scholarships to students during World Refugee Day, making our 2023 class one of the largest of its kind.

Collaboration & Strategic Alignment

Mondiant Dogon sat down with the USAID Director in Rwanda and Burundi, discussing the challenges faced by refugees and exploring ways to work together. We also had the privilege of holding a formal meeting with the Ministry of Refugee Affairs (MINEMA), the government ministry responsible for the well-being of refugees and camps in Rwanda. This collaboration ensured that we are aligning our efforts and maximizing the impact of our programs.

Our team also met with the camp managers at Kigeme and Mugombwa and explained our vision for the students at their camps. We had productive strategy sessions with the camp managers alongside the UNHCR which resulted in great insights and optimism for the future.

UNHCR, Mondiant Initiative, and Camp Manager of Mugombwa camp.

Leadership Training Day in Kigali

After World Refugee Day, Mondiant Initiative organized a leadership training day in Kigali. Our students came from refugee camps across the country for food, drinks, games, and activities designed to empower them and build self-belief as they approach their first day of university. Since their future at university is filled with unknowns, it’s crucial that students get to know each other and build a strong sense of unity so they can depend on one another once they start their education. In addition to activities, students learned more about Mondiant Initiative and how they can use us as a resource. Feedback from participants was invaluable as it helped shape and improve the organization’s initiatives.

Mondiant Initiative students during leadership training

More World Refugee Day 2023 Photos

World Refugee Day 2023 was a fantastic success. Our most recent journey to Rwanda filled the spirits of our volunteers with hope and reinforced the incredible power of education, collaboration, and empowerment. As we reflect on the experiences we’ve shared with our new students and the milestones we’ve achieved, we’re incredibly optimistic about the future of our organization, and most importantly, of our students as they embark on the next chapter in their young lives.

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