Transforming Lives.

It’s not complicated.

Our mission is to transform the lives of bright refugee students and their families through empowerment and education. To give them the same opportunity afforded to much of the rest of the world—a college education and the long-term tools they need to succeed.

An opportunity to become changemakers and leaders in their communities. 

Students with their scholarships at kigeme refugee camp
Mondiant Initiative students and staff

A Refugee-Founded & Led Organization

We are a refugee-founded and led organization providing higher education scholarships, leadership training, and support services to bright refugee students in Rwanda. Mondiant Initiative’s programs are designed to empower, educate and engage refugees so they can have the tools to improve their communities.

There are thousands of bright refugee students ready to learn, lead, and impact the world if given the chance. Our purpose is to extend a hand to the changemakers, visionaries, and future leaders in refugee camps who are waiting to make a difference if given the opportunity.

Our 2023/2024 Class at a Glance


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Meet One of Our Scholars

Francoise is one of 15 scholars in our 2023/2024 cohort of students. Our students have diverse backgrounds, interests, and aspirations, but all share one thing in common—they have stories and experiences worth telling, and are ready to be heard.

Mondiant Initiative’s role goes beyond academic and psychosocial support. Our job is to give these bright, strong young refugees a platform to show the world their potential—to empower them to speak up and share their stories. Stay tuned for many more stories from Francoise and other scholars in our program.

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