An International Reach We're working hard to reach refugees who are counted out, regardless of where they live. OUR INITIATIVES Hands and fists raised in empowerment Opportunity & Self-Reliance We give refugees the tools to succeed through education and empowerment. GET INVOLVED African refugee family in front of a silhouette crowd By Refugees, For Refugees We're 100% founded and managed by refugees that share the personal experiences of those we help. LEARN MORE

Transforming the Lives of Refugees

Founded by a refugee student that was given a chance – our organization is proof that empowerment, investment, and opportunity give refugees the long-term tools to succeed and change the world.

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Mondiant Initiative Differentiators

Community Development

We’re committed to creating pathways to self-sufficiency through education, vocational training, and apprenticeship through the lens of in-country workforce development and community building.


Mondiant’s tragic story was introduced to the world with his book Those We Throw Away Are Diamonds. It continues with Mondiant Initiative, a non-profit he built to support other refugees along the same path of freedom.

Unique Purpose

We’re committed to supporting refugees in a way that isn’t sufficiently addressed. We’re operating where a critical gap exists and are determined to address it regionally and then globally.

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Read About Mondiant's Journey

A stunning and heartbreaking lens on the global refugee crisis, from a man who faced the very worst of humanity and survived to advocate for displaced people around the world. This is the story behind Mondiant Initiative – a source of awareness and inspiration for refugees around the world.

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