African refugee family in front of a silhouette crowd Transforming Lives. It's not complicated.

Simply put, our mission is to transform the lives of refugees. To give them the same opportunity afforded much of the rest of the world — an opportunity for a college education and long-term tools they need to succeed.

An opportunity to transform their lives and the lives of their families.

Mondiant Initiative Presents:

Refugee Higher Education - One Path Forward

We are thrilled to invite you to a cocktail reception to celebrate the story of the Mondiant Initiative – a refugee-founded organization formed to give refugees the same opportunity afforded much of the rest of the world — an opportunity for a college education and the long-term tools they need to succeed.

Introduced to the world through his book, Those We Throw Away Are Diamonds, Mondiant Dogon will share his vision, where refugees find and fulfill their potential, achieve self-sufficiency, and contribute to the world around them.

The reception will feature a live Q&A session with:

National Press Club Event Q&A Guests

Thursday, April 27th | 6 - 8pm EST

Email to learn more and register!

Coming Soon:

The Mondiant Initiative Center for Refugee Education

We’re excited to announce the grand opening of the Mondiant Initiative Center for Refugee Education on World Refugee Day. Stay tuned as we put the finishing touches on our base of operations in Kigali, Rwanda. We can’t wait to celebrate this important milestone with you!

skyline of kigali city

Addressing a critical gap.

Founded by Mondiant Dogon, who, as a refugee in Rwanda, was the beneficiary of a helping hand that allowed him to rise above the tragedy of his country’s strife and earn a college education, the Mondiant Initiative is supporting refugees in an area that isn’t sufficiently addressed – education.

Education is how we equip future generations with the tools they need to actively create positive change in communities around the world.

By investing in education through our scholarship program, we’re ensuring that these refugee students will gain access to unlimited opportunities and be empowered to live their dreams. Because “those we throw away are diamonds”, indeed.

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Mondiant Initiative Differentiators

Community Development

We’re committed to creating pathways to self-sufficiency through education, vocational training, and apprenticeship through the lens of in-country workforce development and community building.


Mondiant’s tragic story was introduced to the world with his book Those We Throw Away Are Diamonds. It continues with Mondiant Initiative, a non-profit he built to support other refugees along the same path of freedom.

Unique Purpose

We’re committed to supporting refugees in a way that isn’t sufficiently addressed. We’re operating where a critical gap exists and are determined to address it regionally and then globally.

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